He’ll See You Love Him When You Use These Groom’s Cake Table Ideas

Groom's Wedding Cake TableThe groom’s cake table is not a “must have” at every wedding reception but it is a quaint southern tradition and a wonderful way to acknowledge the groom.

You can take this way to show his personality, hobbies, favorite sports, career, his school and so forth.

If  he is a military man that can be shown in decorating the cake and other items displayed on his table.

Groom’s Cake Details

The cake should be his favorite and is almost always richer than the wedding cake. It is a good way to give your guests a little taste of each.

The size of the cake, the flavor and how it is highlighted is important. Let’s look at some of the things you need to think about and do…


As with the wedding cake, the groom’s cake should be large enough to feed most of the guests.

Unlike the wedding cake, however, you usually don’t find  a tiered groom’s wedding cake.

Groom's Cake TableWhile it is sometimes shaped in a way that compliments the theme of the cake, it is more often a large sheet cake and it will more than likely be a less expensive cake.


The flavor of the cake is as important as the cake design and it’s no surprise, that chocolate is very popular.

Others might be a rich fruit-based cake, liqueur-soaked cake, brownies, or a candy cake. Take into consideration the groom’s favorite flavor as a priority.

Displaying the Cake

At the wedding reception, the groom’s cake table is most often displayed near the wedding cake, but certainly not on the same table.

Cutting the Groom’s Cake

Only the groom cuts the first piece and  the best time for that is before to the wedding cake cutting or just before the garter toss.

One of the really great things about the groom’s cake table is that it can include other items special to the groom and his personality.

Momentos and pictures that mean a lot to him along with perhaps items from his favorite sport and even better,  ones he has participated in and enjoys.

School alumni  items such as  colors, logo or the school mascot figure.

What better way to give those guests who do not know the groom well to get to know him.

For those who do know him, it’s a good way for them to look back and to reminisce.

Setting Up the Table

In selecting the table linens for the groom’s table they should coordinate with the cake colors and the table theme if there is one.

Get some photos of the groom’s life from his parents or family members. Have them in nice frames and placed around the groom’s cake table.

As you plan the table to honor the groom, work with the groom’s family for tips and ideas that will make it outstanding and interesting and most of all, FUN!

I would love to hear from you about some of the most interesting or strangest Groom’s Wedding Cake Tables you’ve seen so please comment below and thanks.


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